The Bleeding Hearts…

There is a lot to be thankful for in this day and age but there is as much to dread too. Whether it’s conflicts, disease, criminality, corruption, injustice…the list goes on, but suffice to say that the local and global news is full of depressing stories and one has to wonder in which direction is this world of ours going?

For those immersed in the chaos and the woe…they have my deepest sympathy…however some of those who are not, do appear to have become desensitised to it all, not give a hoot and possibly even believe their misplaced chocolate sprinkle on their overpriced coffee they’ve just purchased is somehow the most important thing in the world. Then…the moaning commences with ardent vigour! The victim card is played, the injustice needs to be aired and the easy money law suit becomes the new task at hand.

I was taught many things as a child, as were we all…but one thing that persists with me is that you only really need to complain about the things that really matter and those that don’t…you either ignore and block or you accept and embrace. Whether it’s on TV, online or in the media at large, there has been an ever growing need to express displeasure by those who really shouldn’t have anything to complain about…and it is debilitating, annoying and absurd!

Is it the case that social media has turned us all into mindless complainers or propagators of bile…or think we have the right to offer negative opinion when really we should just shut the hell up and go about our business in private? Yes, in private! I do not need to know what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I do not need to know what political statement you’re trying to make or which section of society you hate for hating sake.

This is not to say that people do not have the right to complain or offer their opinions about something, but it appears the balance has tipped in the other direction now and you daren’t try to do anything good for the fear of someone out there thinking you have ulterior motives or are on the fiddle.

There are occurrences that need to see the light of day but largely go unnoticed or unreported. Criminal behaviour, murders, sexual predators go unchallenged…and even if caught…the news or the audience appear to want to focus on celebrity lifestyles rather than the true evils in this world that can do us and our nearest and dearest harm.

In Britain, the people have voted to leave Europe…whether it was wise to let us ordinary people make such a decision is for another discussion. However both camps and sets of supporters have gleefully taken chunks out of each other along the way. The whole process in messy, haphazard and rather distasteful, whilst the undercurrent of nationalism and racial tension appears to be growing…if you believe media and social media that is. Our politicians have been so engrossed in this Brexit process…you wonder have they got any time to run this country properly in the meantime.

The news is full of Brexit this, Brussels that. PM wants this…France and Germany want something completely different. Just imagine what amazing things could have been achieved within this country, such as in the NHS, Mental Health, Social and Welfare, Community Development, Youth Engagement…etc…if all of the focus wasn’t on a poorly planned and executed change in our status. Whether we agree with the vote to leave or not is largely irrelevant now, however the process about which it is being undertaken is a complete shambles, a farce and belittles the needs of vulnerable people, public services and social programs in this country that require mass restructuring and funding.

So whilst a socialite breaks another toe nail and an overpaid footballer moans at another hapless referee…there are countless people wishing they were famous and using any platform they can find to make themselves feel important and special…to the individual few, hundreds or thousands that follow them. And if they don’t get the positive reinforcement they think they deserve…then you’ve guessed it…they’ll be bitching all over their twitter feeds and Facebook profiles at how unjust society is.

So as the masses complain about unimportant drivel and I complain about the complainers…the bleeding hearts of the left, the right and the central plains, let us not forget that there are more important things in this world to really be concerned about than our petty displeasures. Football is a folly! Motorcycles are…bloody brilliant, and my bum looks big in any mirror because I don’t do enough exercise and my vices are cream cakes and biscuits.

Right! I’m off to send a strongly worded email to the council to complain about the amount of litter in my bin. Outrageously consuming!


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