Although the World Cup is all the way over in Russia right now and Robbie Williams just about got away with his performance and wasn’t locked up in the Gulag for singing any inappropriate songs…I can still here the rumble of chants ringing in my ears.

In any other football tournament I’d be eagerly waiting for each match to be aired on TV, listen to the punditry and get my fill on social media about the comings and goings of players and nations as they thrive or falter with each passing game…but this year I just can’t get into the spirit of it all.

Perhaps it’s because my favoured nation; Italy, didn’t qualify. Yes, yes sour grapes and all that…perhaps, but the general interest just isn’t there either. I’ve caught the odd ten minutes here and there but nothing that would annoy the lady of the manor, who clearly isn’t a fan either.

However, I am still a big football fan! So I’m wondering why this is? Perhaps it’s because the quality of the football hasn’t really been great so far. Perhaps most of the matches have been rather boring, apart from Portugal v Spain which was good entertainment…or perhaps I’d just rather be outside, riding my bike, seeing places…or as was the case yesterday…repeatedly and ungracefully falling over whilst roller blading. It’s OK…I only mildly injured myself which only required a pack of plasters and a few ‘man up’ tablets to cure me. I’m still asking myself whether this whole blading thing is really a good idea for a middle aged womble with a follicle or two missing…but I digress!

Although I’m not watching much of the football, I am still listening out for the football results or making a point of taking an interest in any player that is already playing for or may come to West Ham during the summer…but that’s about it.

I’m sure that when the group stage is over and the knockout phase begins, then I’ll probably start to be more enthusiastic about La Coppa Mondiale, but until that time…I’ll probably rather be washing my hairless scalp or riding my bike on more dirt trails, whilst waiting for any more news about West Ham and club football, which is my preference anyway.

So, time to polish off my camera lens, hit the road and make more riding videos for the YouTube channel. There are lots more interesting places and videos coming up soon in the ‘Biker’s Travelog’ series. It’s where I feel most at home and at ease these days and it’s a soul feeder to be away from the chaos and immersed in the back and beyond…and in the past too, as I go looking for more undiscovered or forgotten ruins and places of interest.

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