The Biker’s Travelog Series

So much of my time, when not at the grindstone to gather enough coin to pay for life’s demands, is spent on two wheels and usually getting off the beaten track to find my own adventures and interesting places that I’d never usually get to see.

Recently I started a new series on my YouTube channel: ‘RevelatorAlf’ that would try to bring these experiences to the online viewer. Much of the riding is within a 100 mile radius of my base camp but the idea is to bring warts and all footage and commentary as well as exploring new areas that many would not be aware of.

For the best part of my life I’ve been on two wheels, both on the tarmac roads and on the dirt tracks…but it never ceases to amaze me what amazing places are hidden away not only in far off places but even relatively on your own doorstep.

So this was the inspiration for the new video series, but also to encourage anyone to get out on any bike and go explore the local area. Bikers are always looking for places to ride to or have meeting places to share with like minded friends, but the reality is that for many motorcycle riders, riding in the local area can appear to be quite monotonous but that is usually because they have not yet explored the area and made use of all available public access areas.

My first bit of advice would be to buy an Ordnance Survey Map for your area and look for routes that take you out into the countryside and onto the back lanes. Then look for geographical and topographical features that might be of interest and then attempt to get there by motorcycle.

What I try to show with many of my videos is that anyone with a modicum of riding experience can get to most places with any kind of bike with just normal road tyres too…even when on the dirt trails and especially when the conditions are dry.

So if you’re into riding bikes and would like some inspiration to get out and explorer your area, then please go over to the YouTube channel and check out the videos as I try to navigate my way through some challenging conditions at times, and then onto some pretty amazing places and scenes. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting but also may give you the impetus to go do the same.

Get On! Get Going!


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