The dawn of a new West Ham era!

Who would’ve believed that reign of Moyes would’ve ended with a fizzle rather than a pop and that the West Ham United board would lunge into the managerial marketplace with conviction and finally show their ambition in the appointment of Manuel Pellegrini.

The Chilean manager was enticed to leave his very high paying job in China to return to the Premier League…perhaps not on as much money but still a kings ransom…and on a three year deal to boot. But will Señor Pellegrini bring about the kind of attractive and attacking football that the West Ham faithful have been yearning for many years?

Regardless of his intentions to develop the youth players and promote many of the U23 squad to make first team appearances, the reality is that his success…indeed any manager’s success in the Premier League, will be governed by how much money will be made available for the summer transfer deals…and will he be able to attract the quality players required to fill the shortfall in the key areas of the pitch?

All eyes are now focussed on the comings and goings at the club and whether indeed the board will support the new manager…and if he will be able to fashion a squad that will hit the ground running come August.

So far, he has said the right kinds of words, has bowed to the folly of fan’s approval and has briefed everyone on his vision of attacking and ambitious football, but the devil will be in the details and the road is long…and the destination is still far far away.

As fans, we have to acknowledge that this is now an opportunity to rebuild after two years of failings on all levels. The move to the London Stadium has set the club back and it will take time to return to secure footing in the Premier League, but under Pellegrini, there is a realistic chance that better times might come back around sooner rather than later.

The faithful must show some unity now and back the manager. It will take time for his methods to reach their full potential and for the squad to mature to his ways. We cannot let any slight aberration in form or performance unsettle the fanbase and for vitriolic dissension to take over our thinking.

This does not mean we ever forget the actions of the board and certainly never forgive…but we are stuck on this road now, so we can only hold them accountable and pressurise them to invest into this football business whilst they are still at the helm.

For Pellegrini, the test has already started. Which players he will let go and which will stay? Which signings will he make and will they fit into a squad that has underachieved in the last two seasons?

The fanbase has been patient, for the most part and now it is time for muted expectations and to let our dreams soar high. Can we hope for a decent cup run either in the EFL or the FA Cup? Can we dream of a top seven finish and qualify for Europe? Perhaps rather fanciful at this stage, but these are optimistic times for the fans…so let’s hope the board finally realise that in order for the club to be optimistic and ambitious…they also need to spend big to realise them and not let them fail through an anaemic bleed.

David Sullivan has stated that he has listened to the fanbase and is showing ambition in the appointment of Pellegrini. Perhaps another order of business would be to reprimand Karren Brady for her Sun columns and making detrimental statements that affect both the fans and the club too. We are the same fanbase that she labelled as keyboard warriors and the malcontent, to two weeks ago in which she blamed us for the malaise around the club. So it begs the question; which section of the fanbase is Sullivan listening too now?

We all know there are mammoth changes required at the club, but Pellegrini might be able to at least bring about decent changes on the footballing side. It is up to Sullivan, Gold and the rest of the board to run the club properly and make appropriate personal and public statements that are not to the detriment of the club and do not alienate the fanbase.

The fans are waiting and watching now! The media have awoken to the betrayals of the last two seasons and the club with Sullivan, Gold and Brady as the toxic trio must perform better and in the best interests of the club rather than their own pockets. It is an opportunity to readdress the balance and set the club on the right path for the future. Be responsible, be honest and pragmatic…but most of all address all of the outstanding issues and fully support the manager during his tenure. The fans expect a fresh start and will be excited by the dawn of a new West Ham era under a Pellegrini sun!


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