Riding Uphill Mud Ruts


Out on the dirt trails today but had a bit of a nightmare really coping with a bit of mud and going uphill. “Shouldn’t be a problem!” I hear you say…well yes it wouldn’t be if only I was on off road tyres…but I wasn’t!

Yes, I’m still trying to prove to the world that you can pretty much go anywhere on road tyres but it was a struggle. One of my other routes today I had to abort as it just became a farce getting up the hill and the back of the bike fishtailing trying to get traction.

Doing all this with surface appropriate tyres would be obviously a lot easier and possibly more sensible…but then what would be the fun in that. Anyway excuse the grunts as I try to manhandle the bike around the place but please check out the youtube channel with lots of my videos riding all year round on all sorts of surfaces and weather…whilst trying not to fall off and break either myself or the bike. Enjoy!

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