Riding Flooded Deep Ruts


Getting out and about today on the bike on lots of dirt tracks and trails which is like my second home these days but almost got into a bit of bother with a deep rut. Usually I would say don’t ride through a flooded muddy area as you can’t tell what you’re riding over, but in this case I was committed and to be frank had run out of options. It was muddy leading up to it and on a slight hill so going back the way I came wasn’t really an option as the bike weighs too much to be manhandled.

Anyway I aimed for where the rut would be and kept the power on until I came out the other end. Needless to say my legs got wet as the water came up to the base of the tank…but I made it through and the bike ran like a dream…all on road tyres. It surprised me that it made it through to be honest be nothing ventured…

Back on the trails agains tomorrow, so check out the youtube channel for lots of trail rides but apologies for the commentary. It’s not always the most fluid as I’m struggling to keep the bike under control but hopefully just adds to the reality a bit more. Enjoy!


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