The Muppet Show Revival & The Hapless Fozzie Bears

The Muppet Show Revival & The Hapless Fozzie Bears Published 11/05/18 on Irons United

One might forgive the excitable and the expendables in patting themselves on the back for a job well done. You could even relent as many transient fan would breath a huge sigh of relief for the season has been rescued, the duel with relegation has been won and the fight with doom and despair is all but over! However, beneath the veneer of contentment there lurks a deeper foe that might very well lead to the annihilation of the West Ham kind and the fandom might be helpless to prevent its maturing state.

Of course the Hammers’ fans should be thankful and happy to have survived to play another season in the Premier League but they should never forget what an absolute farcical season it has been and what appalling performances have been delivered from both across the white line and behind it too…all the way back to the corridors housing Irons’ doors.

The fans were cajoled to give the team all of their support in the final push of the season, which they dutifully did, but now it is payback time…and this goes beyond the level of performance from the twelve angry men of manager and players…this goes to the core of the club and the rectifications that must be made in order for such lamentable times never to repeat…but most fans would already fear that is the inevitability of the West Ham preaching!

The faithful are all waiting for the final whistle against Everton now…and whilst the results are important in terms of final league position and for Moyes to possibly go out on a high…they are meaningless in the final verdict of a pitiful season and woeful campaign in the three footballing theatres. The league has been demoralising whilst both cup competitions did nothing but anger and frustrate the masses to the point that protests were an absolute consequence.

The fans would now look to the club betters to action a plan that would see West Ham returned to a pathway that was promised…but that will take a huge amount of investment, regardless of whomever is the manager in charge! Will it be Moyes? Has he done enough over the last six months? Would he fare any better with proper backing in the transfer window and given more time to work with the squad? 

Amongst the fans there would be a resounding rebuttal, but does anyone truly believe that the owners would invest heavily now in a squad that is still in the Premier league and continues to cash in on the television money? This is what most fans would question and in many ways would wish for a negative display against Manchester United and Everton in order to force the club and owners to look deeper into the club affairs to make reparations as soon as possible!

David Moyes has succeeded in delivering the aim of survival, but that in itself was indicative of the failed ambitions of the club when they appointed him with 27 games to go. Now is the time when they must show their worth and address those lofty aspirations and go full force into the summer. It must be a multi-pronged attack with a change behind the scenes, a change in manager and a mass clear out of underachieving players to be replaced with those with greater potential and consistency!

Last night’s display against Manchester United at the London Stadium brought conflicting emotions for much of the fanbase as it was two years since the corresponding fixture at Upton Park and indeed for the sudden illness of Sir Alex Ferguson who hopefully is on the road to recovery now. The West Ham crowd were hopeful that the team could deliver a resounding victory, a confident performance and an attacking and pressing game to strike fear in the hearts of the opponents. Neither team were in desperate need of the points, however there was much pride to play for and for Moyes, it might well have been his last but one audition before the club start about their business in the summer!

The game was an open affair but lacked any urgency and ultimately fizzled out into a 0-0 draw which served both managers well. It had some moments for both teams that almost raised the spirits, there were numerous opportunities to score and open voids of space was made available in both team’s midfield areas but neither would be capitalised upon. 

It would be convenient for West Ham to consider this a well earned point, but the lack of substantial challenge would make this cumbersome to judge…and possibly this is how the fans might ultimately judge Moyes’ tenure. He did his purpose, he came away with a draw of a season but did not produce the positive results and the levels of performance that would be required to appease the frustrated fanbase.

The West Ham crowd have been the hapless Fozzie Bears living in a comical farce…it has been a rubbish joke from start to finish but nobody from the establishment seems to acknowledge how poor it’s really been. The club has been on stage and has beckoned the boos and hisses from the faithful…but it’s now time for this Muppet Show to start its revival. No more bad jokes, no more poor performers and a big clear out to kick start the team for another season come August.

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