The curb crawler and his Florence Nightingale!

The curb crawler and his Florence Nightingale! Published 30/04/18 Irons United

As the dust settled from the Saturday fixtures, many of the West Ham faithful realised that all was not safe and the fight would continue until the end of the season. The hope to beat Manchester City was quickly dissolving as passions arose for failed statistics and unkept promises. It has been a season to forget but the horror would likely haunt the fans until the very last game of the season.

Both West Bromwich Albion and Southampton picked up three points on Saturday, whilst Stoke City earned a valuable point. Daylight had already been smothered by the dark clouds of pessimism and the narrowing gap at the foot of the table…so the need to be positive against the newly elected champions may indeed have been overshadowed by the reality of the situation.

West Ham have been a skeleton of a team all season…with battered bones and lacking muscle and flesh. Two managers have tried to grab the wayward bull by the horns and make it yield to their might…but it has not happened and not with any consistency. Most fans would have accepted the defeat to Manchester City as a foregone conclusion. It was expected…not because they are imperial and without flaw, but rather because West Ham are the plague riddled peasants with boils, ulcers and oozing puss from their gaping wounds.

Whilst fans would hold on to faint hope that there are still three teams worse than West Ham this season, it certainly does not fill the souls with joy and content. David Moyes has failed once again to inspire a team to recover from its own misgivings and the players have not been able to find any kind of cohesion the whole season long.

The search for better times has yielded poor results and even drastic actions have enhanced little the fortunes of the braves and the squaws. The truth will come out and the scrutineers will pry open the books of a club that has failed its supporters. Nothing is as sacred as the well being of West Ham United, but there have been manoeuvres that would devalue and undermine the very fabric of the club and this east end institution.

David Moyes took to the streets to find answers and came back with a bloody nose, sore lip and a dose of the clap from the fans whose hands had been firmly planted inside pockets. He has tried to find answers to defensive frailties and poor attacking intentions, but came up short in most of the battles. His substitutions have been poor and his starting line ups have been questionable. He has persisted with players who have not made the grade for a long period of time, whilst he has ignored the most valuable assets who would likely be successful in their endeavours, if only given the chance to do so.

Most fans would be critical of the defensive brand of football that Moyes has opted to play. A defensive style is commendable when it is performed well and can generate narrow margin wins, especially against the stronger teams, but his style has neither been performed well enough, impervious or has even delivered positive results.

The fans would question why the defensive posture was adopted even in games when a win was within reach, but the players had not delivered consistent performances which would give confidence to the struggling manager also. There have been failings all over the pitch and within the management too, the team is simply not good enough to say in the league but may just survive by the skin of its teeth because it was marginally better than another three teams.

Whilst the fans would pin their hopes on a glorious win over Manchester City, the reality is that the result was insignificant in terms of the disease that still festered within the under belly of the club. Moyes can win every game for the remainder of the season but it will not be the cure that most have been looking for…in fact it may simply delay the inevitable relegation battle for next season also as the walls come tumbling down from crumbling foundations.

David Moyes has become the curb crawler who has ventured out into the dark, has entertained the lady of the night but has found little solace and relief…but only disease, an empty wallet and a soiled reputation. The players have rallied in some aspects but have not covered themselves in collective glory for a season long test of stamina, fortitude and guile. They are in need of total repair, a strip down and replace the parts that have been failing. They need Florence Nightingale to deliver medical attention to treat the wounds, sutures to bind the players together and for the gaps to be filled. They need a miracle cure to root out the cancer and if by chance they are saved, then the club must administer mass radiation…and simply start again with a clean slate, a new manager and a rejuvenated squad.

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