The blue video mobster who murdered the radio ham!

The blue video mobster who murdered the radio ham! Published 04/05/18 on Irons United

Tomorrow is the final day of reckoning for the West Ham players and the manager David Moyes after such a pitiful display last Sunday against Man City. The debt to the fans is long overdue and payment is required from all involved. No more can fans accept an abject display, defensive poses and posers living on handsome wages without even breaking a sweat.

The West Ham fans want something to cheer about now and the call for attacking play has grown to fever pitch whilst the manager would favour sitting back, training without the ball and falling out with his players. It has been a dreadful week in which the loyal support, who were cajoled into keeping the faith just a while longer until the end of the season, were betrayed by many and inspired by the few.

Footballing pundits from the TV scowled and berated those who would limp around the field, whilst radio commentators voiced the anger of the fans, in solidarity, with empathy and with a passion that has been found wanting in any of the starting line ups recently. This is the business end of the season and everyone would expect the players to show a lot more endeavour and purpose, regardless of whomever the opponents are..and they would charge them into over zealous action in the game tomorrow at the King Power Stadium and not return without the spoils of conflict.

Herein lies the difference in perspectives between the players, manager and the fans. There is a desire for each and every player to run around like a frenzied zombie, to show the level of commitment that is expected without reservation and with absolute conviction. However the manager would look to tactical advantages and to fashion points in ugly encounters because his prize is just about barely surviving. The players are caught in the middle and have lost all faith in the manager, however they have butt heads with the support also over their pathetic attempts to run free and in with creative spirit.

David Sullivan and David Gold have remained aloof during the latest downward spiral whist many fans are beginning to ask whether they are in their right minds to even consider retaining the services of Moyes into next season. The club have stepped up their season ticket renewal propaganda and the usual suspects stories are released to the media to entice the support to part with their hard earned cash even before the season is done a dusted.

The problems have not gone away, although the relative quiet and hush around the stadium might fool everyone to think that a dazed state is a contented one…but never is a truth wrapped in so many lies be so easily forgotten. The fans are beyond frustration now, they are stupefied by the club actions, the mismanagement and the failing of the players and management…there are no more words that would counsel or offer comfort now. There can only be one immediate tonic to ease the pain and that is for the players to step up to the mark and throw themselves in to a battle and come away with some semblance of victory, regained honour and faith restored.

The fans would only care for the season to be over now, to know their fate and make final decisions whether to stick, twist or fold forever…as many fans appear to be doing. Perhaps the owners can only realise the mess they have made when it finally hits them where it hurts most…in their wallets! If and when season ticket renewals drop significantly and are not taken up by those on the waiting list…and the stadium is at half capacity…would the club and owners finally hold up their hands and admit they have got it wrong for too long and the club is perilously close to failure?

The fact remains that for the club to remain in the Premier League and for the team to be able to compete with any degree of success, then massive annual investment is required to bolster the squad. Perhaps this commitment is beyond them and the final verdict will be passed down during the summer, however for a large percentage of the support…their verdicts were delivered a long time ago. Send them to the gallows, off with their heads and strap them to the rack!

However more than the money, it has been the actions of Sullivan, Gold and Brady over the last few years that has been the biggest betrayal of all. Their business model has failed the loyal fans whom have been totally marginalised and disrespected. Of course most fans would love to see the back of them but in the meantime they must turn this club around and completely change the way in which they do their West Ham business…because it has been a monumental catastrophe from start to finish. Player recruitment, managers, coaches, training regimes, discipline, performances and results have all been substandard, hence the predicament the club now faces.

The owners who made their fortunes in pornography and property have not learnt the football business model. They have acted like hustlers and robber barons who have swooped in on opportunity and have lined their dirty pockets with their filthy conga. The are the blue video mobsters who rolled into the West Ham town, murdered the radio the ham, took over the broadcast and starting spewing the propaganda…which nobody is believing anymore. It is time for a change right to the core of the club and all the way through it. The players can give one last stay of execution but they should think themselves lucky and work tirelessly to ensure a repeat is never seen again.

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