The Rockstar and the Crooner!

The Rockstar and the Crooner! Published 27/04/18 on Irons United

You know when you see something that isn’t quite right…an arranged marriage of opposites that simply do not attract, an oxymoronic coupling of words that really should be apart…and nothing seems on the horizon that would be a suitable cure, let alone anyone who is willing to offer a solution. This is the situation that the West Ham world has had to contemplate for a while now and it would appear that a resolution is nowhere in sight.

Javier Hernandez was brought into the club to offer that special something that has eluded the Hammers for a number of years. A natural born goal scorer who has found the target for club and country for many years. His track record speaks for itself, but he has struggled to find a regular place in the West Ham starting line up.

David Moyes was brought into the club to stop the rot and save the ship from sinking. He may just about have achieved that…but the mildew is far from cured. There were many questions about his suitability when he was first employed, however the optimists would look back to his Everton days and hope that his good deeds there could be replicated for the Hammers.

Unfortunately, the fans are having to judge his performance based upon nearly six months at the helm after a disastrous period for Slaven Bilic which saw West Ham slump into the bottom three. There is no denying that Moyes has had to deal with a tremendous amount of bacteria within the squad and many thought his variant of amoxycillin would do the job he was tasked to do…however uninspiring it has been to watch.

One of the biggest criticisms of West Ham under Bilic was that they sacrificed defensive fortifications in the hope of attacking ambitions…but failed in both regards. Moyes on the other hand immediately worked to rectify the defensive errors and for a while it worked. However he has not been able to pull away from that posture and in the meantime the defensive frailties have returned.

Herein lies the problem with West Ham at the moment. The way Moyes feels he has to set up to protect his goal leaves little options for any attacking lunges, let alone to play with any form of bravado. Hernandez is surplus to his requirements however, when he eventually makes an appearance in Moyes’ gameplay…he either scores or comes very close to doing so. But his introduction is regarded as a desperate measure rather than to capitalise upon any tactical advantage.

This has become most frustrating for the fans who would think it criminal that a natural poacher is not allowed to hunt and when his shackles are taken off, then the service to him is usually weak. Moyes has favoured the lone striker model with Arnautovic being employed in that role, however one can already see the frustration written all over the Austrian’s face as he is struggling to make hay as the dark cloud of Moyes’ formations are finally beginning to dawn upon him. Will he continue in the same vein, will he carry on leading the pack of miscreants…will he persevere with being loaded with the expectation to deliver results all by himself? Albeit his industry rarely seems to wane but he has started to become less consistent throughout the matches and this could be a factor going forward!

Rumours have been getting louder than Hernandez would wish to leave in the summer because he has been unable to find favour either with Bilic or with Moyes…however the onus should also be upon the rest of the team to play higher up the field, deliver quality crosses into the penalty box and have willing runners from midfield to support any attacking plays. If the departure is allowed to happen, then it will almost certainly be the biggest blow to any future aspirations of the club…not only in terms of goal scoring proficiency but also in financial terms too.

If Moyes is to remain, then the conclusion would already be drawn that both manager and player would never form a solid working relationship. Hernandez would be the willing participant in the manager’s theatrics however Moyes would rather he be the ‘super sub’ than claim a starting position. This stubborn trait will not yield come next season and the Mexican would leave the club to find success elsewhere. The club will be forced to buy another striker who the fans could only dream would be as proficient as the Mexican but would likely cost a lot more to replace. 

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist!” – Usual Suspects

The greatest trick that Moyes would try to pull off is the illusion that Hernandez is not a suitable striker for West Ham United…but the fans know better, and no amount of sleight of hand will fool the expectant masses. All are aware that rarely do a rockstar and a crooner form a formidable duet…but it can be achieved if both parties are willing to find that certain spark and work the chemistry, just as a Tony Bennet and Bono or Tom Jones and The Cardigans. Moyes and Hernandez need to find a solution before it’s too late and West Ham lose potentially one of the best strikers the club has ever had within its books.

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