The Old Tat Roadshow and the wishful thinkers

The Old Tat Roadshow and the wishful thinkers Published 26/04/18 on Irons United

If any of the West Ham faithful thought the club was safe from relegation…then think again! The next few games will be an almighty test of stamina and sheer willpower to survive and the only hope is that the teams beneath may fail to rise up the ranks themselves.

The greatest indictment on the last two seasons has been that West Ham have not played anywhere near the quality of football that is required to stay in the Premier League and have been inconsistent with any meagre successes. Simply put…West Ham are not good enough to remain in the league and it is only a matter of time before they get relegated. Harsh words…but based upon reality.

There has to be a quantum shift in the way the club does its business both off and on the field of play, if the situation is to improve. If the team manage to stay up this season it will be by chance rather than method…and whilst the fingers will point towards the club owners for under investment since occupying the London Stadium, all eyes will be focussed on Moyes and whether he was ever to be the saving grace of a club thrown into turmoil.

The point of moving from Upton Park was to improve and step up to the next level…but that hasn’t happened but the performances and tactics have been quite depressing, deflating and debilitating too. Within the squad there still remain players that are not up to the standard required nor do they show the conviction to make things right.

This is not to say the players are not showing dedication or commitment to the cause but there is a lack of quality and cohesion within the squad that Moyes has been impotent to improve upon. The game on Sunday was yet another feeble display with misplaced defensive tactics and a plethora of missed opportunities…however Arsenal were vulnerable at the back for a while and West Ham failed to exploit it.

Of course there are those who would look upon the tail end of the Bilic era and consider there has been a marked improvement in certain facets of the West Ham game. For a brief period that was certainly the case, but since Christmas the quality of football has diminished and the defensive approach by Moyes has become his calling card.

So, fans are now at the end of the season and can only hope that the team can pull off a miracle and gain some points against Manchester City and Manchester United or even get an unlikely win against Leicester City away or at home to Everton on the last day of the season. Wouldn’t it be ironic to have to face former West Ham manager; Sam Allardyce as a last ditch effort to get the final points to ensure survival in the league?

There are those who would throw the towel in now for the future is bleak under a Moyes regime and with the oversight of the club’s unscrupulous owners. Much has been muted about relegation not being the worst thing that could possibly happen, although it really would be. However the drop to the Championship would usher in a change that is so desperately needed, however one would hope that this desperate change would happen irrespective of whether the club survive in the Premier League or not!

For the more charitable of fans would bank on Moyes to barely save West Ham from the drop…and he was supposed to be a better option than Bilic? Perhaps so, but only marginally one would assume, although the records would show them to be comparable! Like a broken record the faithful would acknowledge that a strong defence is what is needed to repel the advances of superior teams but that does not mean that every game should be approached in the same manner.

The fans have been dished up uninspiring and ineffective football for too long now after so many promises had been made. It cannot continue and the fandom must be entertained with quality attacking football. Nobody expects the team to win every game but there must be a strategy to be more resolute in defence but expose weaknesses in the opposition and capitalise on any advantages gained within the game. Moyes does not appear to be the man to fulfil that expectation and the players need a big shuffle in the summer in order to deliver better performances and greater consistency. If big changes are not made soon then the fans will be limited to the old tat roadshow and all hope will rest with the wishful thinkers.

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