Snoochie Boochies and the shopping centre vermin

Snoochie Boochies and the shopping centre vermin Published 23/04/18 on Irons United

One might call it foolish, some may even go as far as to name it delusional, however shouldn’t every West Ham fan always predict a win…regardless of the opponent? This has less to do with realistic outcomes but more to do with the positive mental attitude that would dictate any team is vulnerable and any team can be beaten!

It is well known that sports teams or even individual sports men and women can have an extended run of wins because they are superior athletes or technicians of their sports…however, just as important is their focus and determination to prove they are the best and that they are an impenetrable force. This psychological edge can make all the difference even before the game starts and many teams are beaten by the impression of a greater team and the reputations of their opponents.

This defeatist perspective would alter tactics and impressions for both fans, players and management alike…however, it needn’t be so and it is something that can be capitalised upon if only there was strength of will and determined endeavour. This has been an obvious trait in the West Ham games for the last couple of seasons, however the last season at the Boleyn Ground…momentum and positive results would test the resolve of negativity and nurture a winning mentality.

For many of the claret and blue faithful have become accustomed to failures over the years but now there is a shift in the paradigm that would alter perspectives and fashion new goals. There have been two years of mourning and now it is time to snap to attention and focus on the future. The first team in the squad is probably one of the best there has been, on paper,  in over ten years…perhaps even longer, but the performances have been inconsistent and lethargic at best.

Confidence and desire plays a huge part in performance, but under Bilic, all the players were caught up in the enormity of the new surroundings and their heads bowed to negative ambitions, whereas under Moyes they have had somewhat of a resurgence in attitude but the performances are yet to break new ground or raise the spirits for future encounters.

For the better part of this season all players have been idly bumping into malice and frustrated jeers from supporters who have lost the faith with the club owners, however over the last couple of weeks there has been new purpose to rally the troops and urge them on to victory. The 12th man syndrome has certainly had an effect in raising the spirits but has it instilled a winning mentality in the club? Perhaps not…as yet!

Defeat comes from an inability to deal with oppressive actions or manoeuvres that would undermine an individual’s or team’s positivity. An end result does not necessarily bolster or diminish a defeatist stance, however successive negative results will chip away at the fortress until the Orcs are let in to destroy kingdoms.

The question remains; whether Moyes is the right type of manager to instil a positive winning mentality and can the existing players follow his lead and deliver performances? So far, Moyes has proven himself to be quite conservative in his approach and negative with certain formations where ambition and adventure were required. He has not been able to have confidence in his players as they have been inconsistent from game to game, but they are also reacting to his cautious approach too.

Some of the greatest managers in the world are not necessarily one dimensional for they will approach each game and each opponent as a new challenge or will look upon the game in the context of the season. Their starting line ups and tactics will change according to the opponents of the day…exploiting the weaknesses and nullifying the strengths according to the in form players that are ready and willing to rise to the occasion.

Moyes does not seem willing and able to employ tactical variations according to opponents and his team selections have favoured the defensive, rather than the offensive. He has ground out results, had a few wins but still has incurred multiple losses too. His defensive stance has allowed opposing teams to retain possession and constantly apply pressure on his vulnerable West Ham defence with little in return to fuel an effective counter attack.

Many would now say it is time for Moyes to go at the end of the season, whereas others would argue that he needs a full season to prove his worth…however he does not appear to be the type that would start on the front foot to find cracks in the opponents armour. Rather, he would employ a ‘Rope-A-dope’ tactic in the hope to tire the other team and snag a cheeky goal to grab a point. However, West Ham are not akin to Muhammad Ali and his is not the superior tactician that would improve the team’s weak areas and fuel the strengths.

West Ham need to have a positive approach to each game, not be naive in any way but have a plan to attempt to win each time they kick off. Fans would look at the ability of the opposing teams and identify where the frailties are, but wonder why Moyes has not found a way to capitalise upon those and why his players would fail when they should succeed? Perhaps the season will end and the rats will jump from the sinking ship or rather go shopping than toil away for better times. Perhaps Moyes will appear to be all knowing and be positive as opposed to dazed and confused, high on snoochie boochies, pale and indecisive. He has the opportunity in the remaining games to give the fans confidence, perhaps he should grab it with gusto!

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