A rush of wind to the head!

The springtime is for rebirth and as with any new growth there are always associated pains and hurdles to overcome. April and May can have changeable weather but there are glorious days of sunshine to exploit…and what better way to do that very thing but just to get out on a motorcycle and ride those roads.

Today was that very day as I ventured out onto the back roads to chase some miles down and get the sun on my back and the wind in my face. There are few experiences in this world that can blow away the troubles of the day and bring a person such solace as well as comfort and joy…but a motorcycle ride is able to do that very thing with effortless ease.

A ride on a spring day is when the motorcycle world tends to come alive and fellow riders come out in force to soak up the sun and the tarmac atmosphere. The weekends are when most of the road warriors will bring out their steeds but the weekdays are for the rebels, the free thinkers and unfashionable. It’s not about being seen or joining the hordes…this is about rider, machine and the road. Purity at its best, simple without distraction and therapy for the body and both mind and soul.

Unzip the jacket to let the cooling air wrap around your body, slip on the shades and knock it into first gear…add a twist and gently let her out…and away you go to your destination of nowhere in particular. Ignore the road signs and follow your nose, taking in the new surroundings…the sights, sounds and smells. Letting the world wash over you, taking away your thoughts and filling your brain with cognitive bliss. This is your ride and how the wind erodes the fears and heals the wounds.

The open road is what I favour most…and the twisting country roads are where I naturally feel at home. However a ride in the sun would not be complete without a quick nip into town…to ride the streets, slip left and right between roasting turkeys in their ovens. The concrete jungle rarely lets you be free to roam with disregard as it’s a constant test of aptitude and attitude…running the gauntlet and riding the dodgems! However it is always by far the best mode…quick, slick and feeds off envious eyes.

Then back on the country tracks, leaving the city slickers behind and their pavement staring eyes to yearn for panoramic views and twisting hues. Out onto the back roads again for the stint back home…to take in more of the world and give myself in return. This is the ride of my life on a sun scorched day…this is what this bike was invented for and this is why I ride. Not for street credibility and not for image…but pure indulgence and selfish harmony…and tomorrow, I’ll willingly do it all again! Self counselling after a long dark winter and all for another chance of a rush of wind to the head!


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