A yarn, a yawn or a ripping good tale?

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A yarn, a yawn or a ripping good tale? Published 10/04/18 on Moore Than Just A Club

Can you see it, feel it…sense the alarm coursing through your veins as you realise that you’ve been duped once more? The year is 2019, It’s February…David Moyes was sacked in December and replaced by Tony Pulis…The January transfer window opened and closed with few signings that would generate hope, and existing players have ground to a halt in the molasses of West Ham performances. How did we get here? Why are we entrenched in the relegation zone and why did we think it would be any better?

“It’s discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few by deceit.” – Noel Coward

This could well be the fate of the Hammers’ kingdom and the nightmare that is betrothed to all loyal subjects, if positive action does not take place in the summer! Of course there are no absolutes for the future is yet to be written, however there are markers that would give resounding hints and high degrees of probability if not possibility.

The West Ham owners and collective board have gone some way to admit there were errors over the last couple of seasons…but these errors were not so much made by their hands moreover as a collective culpability. The “We’re Sorry” speeches do little to warm the cockles of the coldest of fan hearts, nor do they have value unless there are actions that would make them appear so.

There is not a day that passes without more speculations about the future of David Moyes, player contracts or whom might be choice of Director of Football. Of course many would want the West Ham ownership to practice with methodology, however their dithering is alarming and the lack of direct communication with the fans does nothing to ease concerns.

Of course, everyone is concerned with the here and now, however I would be more concerned with the future of our club and what systems are in place to avoid a repeat of the last two seasons. The first at the London Stadium was farcical but new environmental conditions was touted as the root of all evils. The second season at the ‘new home’ was explained as a troubling year with failed ambitions and limp wristed transfer dealings…so what for the third?

Herein lies the issue! The owners knew there were problems with the stadium before taking up occupancy, but still they moved in. Of course one would accept a ‘work in progress’ notion, if that had been honestly communicated in the first instance…but it wasn’t. Of course one would realise that not all ambitions and vague promises can be fulfilled, however to fail at every level in tantamount to obscenity entwined with deplorable misdirections.

The West Ham board have had ample opportunity to rectify issues and to invest properly into a squad and fully support the managers…but they haven’t. It takes the threat of a mass uprising and public protestations within the ground…and the ensuing negative press attention, to make them finally stand up and take note after almost two years of ignoring the support which they rely upon to fund their dirty deeds.

Many are hoping that David Moyes and the team will be able to amass enough points by the end of the season to avoid relegation. The fans would detest a failure in that regard, however no sooner as it would be confirmed, then they would rally around again to give unyielding support for the very next season. However, the owners would fear relegation because of the huge financial losses more than any notion of simply playing in a lower league.

However, words are spoken to appease loyal followers and rectifications are on the horizon…so we are told…but what are they and when will they materialise? Whilst fans may be blinded by their displeasure of current proceedings, regardless of whether the team win or lose, they cannot be distracted from what must happen in the summer and what should have happened already!

The key to the success of the club is to do away with false promises and lofty ambitions, but to return to the roots and develop a club structure that does not rely upon the next £50million signing that is out of reach. So far there have only been words, rumours and speculations…but as yet a Director of Football has not been put in place. One would assume this is to be a key position and the club should have made their move by now.

The next big decision will be who will be manager come the summer? Do the club persist with David Moyes or totally change direction to show much more ambition? Vitally, how much money will be made available for transfer deals come the summer and which players have been identified as targets already?

The club has been force feeding the fanbase with apathetic drivel for too long and would likely rest upon laurels if David Moyes succeeds in delivering survival. Survival is the new ‘next level’ for the club apparently and challenging for European places would be the reserve for other teams with ambitions realised.

There has to be rapid action as soon as the season ends. A new director of football, a new manager or fully support Moyes with a sizeable transfer war chest that is not substantiated by the selling of the club’s prized playing assets. The club must justify every move and each step they make. They cannot, should not and must never assume that survival in the Premier League will be a good omen for the future unless there is a quantum shift in the way they do business and how they set up for the next season.

The fans have been sold a terrible yarn and have become restless. The apologies and explanations have become tiresome leading to many feeling frustrated, angered and bewildered. It has become a yawn of a yarn that nobody believes any longer…it has become a ripping good tale that only they believe will come true. The question now is not if they believe…but rather do the fans have faith that it can ever be so.


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