Moore Than Just A Club Writers On: David Moyes’ Future At The London Stadium

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Moore Than Just A Club Writers On: David Moyes’ Future At The London Stadium

Is Moyes the future of Hammers’ Management? Published 07/04/18 on Moore Than Just A Club

As the end of the season draws near, most are looking to the next game hoping that the fit and able players within the West Ham squad can amass enough points to ensure survivability in the Premier League. However, I am looking most closely at David Moyes and his performance in the next few games to determine whether he would merit a contract extension for another two years or so.

His limited successes thus far have been outweighed by the categorical failures, not only in the league but also in both cup competitions where I deemed his tactics unbecoming of a West Ham manager. Of course he steadied the ship somewhat and has made the team more cohesive and defensively minded, but that was only temporary. The team now, are just as likely to dominate over poor teams as they are to fall by their own sword and whilst Arnautovic has prospered, there have been too many that have not improved. 

It would be unfair to blame Moyes for the season as a whole, for injuries and suspensions have played their part too, however overall his tactics have been timid when they should have been more ambitious, especially against teams in similar league positions. For this reason alone, I would task him to ensure survival but at the end of the season thank him for his service, pay him his bonus and replace him with a younger, more dynamic and attack minded manager who would build a team to play higher up the pitch and that would allow the creative players to flourish whilst still retaining a robust defence.


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