Moore Than Just A Club Writers On: Who Should Have West Ham’s Number One Jersey

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Moore Than Just A Club Writers On: Who Should Have West Ham’s Number One Jersey

Hand on Hart – Heading off Adrian! Published 31/03/18 on Moore Than Just A Club

West Ham are somewhat blessed with two keepers who are fighting for the number one spot but neither may claim superiority over the other. Both have been prone to error,  both have conceded multiple goals in poor defensive team displays and neither have consistently bestowed confidence upon teammates. So who is the right choice to be sentry in the West Ham goal?

Hart has a bellowing presence behind the defence, is more intimidating and would make appropriate saves if not let down by faltering colleagues. Adrian on the other hand commands his area better, is marginally a better shot stopper but who is still suspect on crosses as he tends to fumble before catching.

Both keepers have the ability but are lacking confidence, as are the rest of the team and both are more than capable to distribute the ball well, either with the short or long game…however Hart has a greater sense of urgency and will punt to the flanks whilst Adrian will tend to labour slightly and launch long up the centre which usually means losing possession.

The choice is one of the lesser of two evils, however I hold them much lower than in such high contempt for they are both focussed and dedicated to purpose…my choice would be Hart.

I can almost hear the raw of laughter now and the jeers of incredulity, and whilst I do not have confidence in Hart, I have less in Adrian. Although Hart suffered feebly for the third goal against Burnley and before conceding the first, he was actually playing well, so he would get the nod…for my sins

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