The rivers will flood as Executioners ball!

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The rivers will flood as Executioners ball! Published 30/03/18 on Irons United

Much has been said about the crunch match in which West Ham will do battle in on Saturday afternoon at the London Stadium against comparable underachievers; Southampton. The fans have been corralled into unifying voice and cheer…by other fans, the players, ex players and the owners of course but it is now put upon the manager and the team to deliver enterprise, guile and remorseless fire that would elevate hope and drown out misery.

“I’ve done all sorts of work, from picking carrots in the scorching sun to sitting on national committees in paneled board rooms, and there’s nothing that compares to confronting human misery hour after hour and bearing the responsibility for easing that misery using only one’s mind and mouth.” – Jonathan Kellerman, When The Bough Breaks

It has been a long three weeks away from league football and fans have become restless in anticipation…could this be the beginning of the end or is it merely to set everyone upon the right path once more? The players are now tasked to justify their existence in these remaining eight games…there is no room now for sympathetic stares and ears…their heads are on the block and the black hood stands waiting to wield sharpened blade.

Whilst there is much to fear in the Southampton fight, there is also much to take strength from too. Returning internationals have fared reasonably well for their countries, especially Arnautovic and Lanzini should be beaming, whilst the rest should be well drilled and rested too…although James Collins will miss the match, Declan Rice will surely feature and has been a consistently high achiever in most of his appearances this season.

The squad is dangerously thin, the owners have created a vacuum within the club that must be filled, the players have largely fluffed their lines for most of the season…and both Slaven Bilic and David Moyes have struggled to get a tune out of the shadow players…the orchestral manoeuvres in dark times…but the club calls upon the twelfth man to provide strength and honour amongst thieves that would easily steal joy from hardened souls.

Fans are passengers now who would gaze upon unhallowed grounds and urge the unseasoned, apathetic and over the hill actors to play their parts and save themselves from this tragedy. Titus Andronicus, Troilus and Cressida…or The Tempest, must be parked for now…tears and excuses can be postponed for future inquisitions…for now is the time for the team to stand as one, fight for their careers and save the club from the nine layers before Championship hell.

Fans may still find it within themselves to protest em masse before the game, even afterwards if still willing, however all seem together in supporting the team for the first 45mins…however the second 45 is up for debate and will be given stiff challenge if the players succumb to nervous frailties and concede.

Herein lies the threat to fan’s contentment…can the team prosper under such a solar flare or will they wilt and be parched in the afternoon haze? Will the fans react favourably, reassuringly and united with the peaks and troughs of the game? Will non plussed individuals seek to challenge the system and state…will the stewards link arms to repel the barrage of hate? For all fans, for the club and the future prosperity…hope rests with those who would separate actions and fate…for all heaven’s sake!

All season long, the support have been fed persistence with the inglorious and the shameful, whilst the manager has relented on reluctance to field the non runners and flounderers. Understudies have been locked away in under stairs cupboards and when let out, have been shackled to weighted expectations. Now is the time for those who have failed…to restart and go again, whilst those who lie in wait must be primed, charged and ready to launch on flicker of trigger.

David Moyes has the opportunity to galvanise the team and the support in one purpose, whilst Mark Noble must claim his right to lead as Caesar, to be general of his army and to command siege upon enemy forces. His centurions and legionaires must follow orders and tactics, become the empire’s might and marauding gladiators in this colosseum of Saturday afternoon’s delights.

There must be little patience for underestimation but much for endeavour. The fans will cry rivers but will bleed for the colours. All will act as one, for a final hurrah to save the club, save the fans and tempt fate into reverse gear. There cannot be condemnation for upcoming encounters but only reflection upon past failings which much be addressed in the summer break. That speech will be formed of many verses, rhymes and riddles…but the questions will be answered, the owners will face the music and the club will rally for another assault in August. For now all hopes rest upon Moyes’ men, who would be executioner and fans would be jury…the results will be judged, no balling allowed and no rivers will flood.

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