The Cyrus Murder Mystery and The Warriors

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The Cyrus Murder Mystery and The Warriors Published 30/03/18 on Moore Than Just A Club

At a crowded rally of the disconnected and disenfranchised…a voice bellows overhead! From centre stage stands a unifying voice of Cyrus…the leader of the Gramercy Riffs, that would bring everyone together to sing as one, then a Bang and a Crack is heard as a shot is fired and all duck for cover. All hell breaks loose, all scatter as the severity and enormity of the situation dawns…then amidst the chaos there are those perpetrators that would point at innocents to take the fall…and the fight of their lives ensues.

“Waaaaarriors, come out to plaaaay” – Luther – The Warriors

Amidst the turmoil that swirls around the club at the moment, there are certainties that one cannot ignore. The club affairs may appear to have been mismanaged, the ambitions have been failed and the team have underperformed for most of the season. However, whilst the spirit of support reigns supreme within the West Ham fandom, there are also distractions that would make many swerve off tangent, especially when purpose ought to be linear.

All fans want the very best for their team, all would want for superior performances, hard fought battles and glorious victories however the once steadfast support may be wavering due to frustrations both within the support and of course from the club and owners themselves.

Many rise up on social media to offer opinion, to voice concerns or to spew bile at any given opportunity. There are differing opinions and these ultimately are divisive as each seem unwilling to concede or compromise. Football is the sport that evokes passions, emotions and ill thought out opinions, whilst social media gives anyone the platform to voice their thoughts without consequence of riposte or face to face ramifications…and these thoughts have been expressed towards other fellow Hammers fans too.

There are those who would not let the club and owners rest, and rightly so…however they would also lose focus on what is best for the club in these dark days. Many point the finger at the owners, the players and manager…but few point the finger at themselves and ask, “What can I do to help?”

It is this feeling of hopelessness that has frustrated many, both within the club but also within the supporting casts as rivalries and factions would rise to the surface during these uncertain times. It is the battle of the opinions, the rights and the wrongs…and in the middle of it all are the players who must perform and gain valuable points in the remaining games to keep the wolves at bay for a while longer.

They are the warriors now who need to bring the fans home and they need all the support that they can get. Whilst many shout at the owners and accuse them of killing the club, it is the team that have failed in delivering long term solutions that would have lifted spirits and league positions. Whist some players have undoubtedly attempted to keep on track, there have been many others who have gone walkabout for the last two seasons, the net result being lost points and opportunities to deflect attention from pressing off the field matters and aloft wellbeing felt by all. They are charged to rectify this situation and they must run the gauntlet as everyone seems willing to take chunks out of them at any given opportunity.

‘The Gramercy Riffs’ have lost their leader and the rest of the gangs are being rallied to find the culprits. The D.J. narrates and guides the accusers to find and challenge the apparent innocent, whilst ‘The Rogues’ twist opinions, knock beer bottles together to heighten all into a frenzy. These are ‘The Baseball Furies’, ‘The Orphans’ and ‘The Lizzies’ that would be picked up and taken along and would act without full knowledge of facts or reason.

Only the warriors on the football pitch can change the situation now and make good on a season long grind. They must come together to beat as one, to fight for one another and survive until the end of the track. If successful, then the truth will come out and gratitude will be bestowed upon those who were falsely accused of mayhem and murder of a season. The D.J. will gush over the airwaves that all is forgiven and bless them on their way for another campaign after the summer…whilst all attention can revert to the true antagonists in this drama…the rogues at the top of the tree. This is the Cyrus murder mystery…in the end, all will know who really killed this club…and these are the players whom we must urge on to victory and see justice prevail and only they can reanimate this club and this fanbase. These are the Warriors!

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