The pursuit of a little thing called happiness

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The pursuit of a little thing called happiness Published 27/03/18 on Irons United

Let’s be honest…the dark cloud of doom and gloom has descended over the West Ham universe recently and it doesn’t look that great on the horizon either. However much of this morose atmosphere can be attributed to how people are perceiving the situation.

The club is not relegated yet, the owners have not stolen all the money yet, the Mayor of London hasn’t imposed martial law to control rioting hooligans at the London Stadium…yet, and there are still teams that are as poor, if not a lot worse than West Ham…so all is not lost…yet!

“You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.” – The Pursuit of Happyness

Let there be no misunderstanding, there are many justifications for how many fans are feeling, however much of the furore has been based upon fans feeding off each other with the end game to oust the faltering dictators within the club. The social media hordes have gathered en masse to direct their fury whilst ignoring much that has been good over the recent years.

However, there are binary causes here that have made all and sundry reach fever pitch, and the only remedy now would be for the owners to sell up to an oil rich oligarch or a far eastern financial powerhouse…none of which seem likely especially given the current circumstances and the weak club portfolio.

If the manager and squad had been supported and reinforced, then performances over the last two years may have been a lot better…maybe. If the owners had not been so hands on in many of the club affairs, then possibly many of the deals and club systems may have operated smoother, if certain people had not gone to the press to offer opinions either upon ambitions or preferences, then possibly the fanbase would be less infuriated.

However, the overwhelming issue has been that the team has vastly underperformed for two seasons and the transfer policy and dealings have been a sham. Fans would point to the owners for selling Upton Park and moving to the London Stadium, with all of the ongoing issues, however much is linked to the perceived promises and failed delivery of those promises. If there had been two glorious seasons fighting for European places, then most would agree there would be a lot less to be embittered about and certainly not enough to launch into protest.

Whatever happens in the future, the fans and the club need to draw a line in the sand at least for the next few games. The team need to feed on as much positive energy as possible and have the confidence to perform as individuals and as a collective unit. They need the fans now more than ever…they are the children learning to ride their bikes for the first time…and the fanbase are the guiding parents who encourage, advise and cheer with a couple of Woop Woops thrown in for good measure. Yes, this is all a little too convenient and trite, however it is by no means anything less than correct if the fans want the very best for their team.

Of course nobody is saying that all is forgiven and dishonourable conduct is forgotten, however the greatest foe right now is the spectre of relegation and all the misery that comes with it. No amount of protests will change the club structures before the season ends and everyone from here to the other side of the moon know how ill regarded the board are considered. So the focus must be to find the confidence within each other to aim for good times and boat drinks…and save the season…all in the pursuit of a little thing called happiness.


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