Slaps, tickles…and all for squits and giggles

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Slaps, tickles…and all for squits and giggles Published 22/03/18 on Moore Than Just A Club

Wouldn’t it be nice for all the West Ham nation to come together in perfect harmony for a jolly old sing song. Yes. let’s pretend it’s 1999 and we’re all going to party like there’s no tomorrow because the Moyesiah has done his job, done us proud and kept the team in the Premier League.

Shall we entertain such fanciful notions and should we continually strive to wish it was so? Many have come to the point in this season where enough is enough! No more politics, no more small Russians and no more lies lies lies! I for one have had my fill of all negativity associated with our club and the root of this comes from the club itself.

Unless you’ve been holidaying on the moon for the last couple of years, you will have sensed a tad of an atmosphere at both home and away games. Much has been promoted by such pitiful displays by the supposed warriors the club have tasked to bring us victory, however the fans have also spiralled downwards and for many there is no turning back. Can anyone really blame them?

It would be too convenient for me to follow the same path as, more than any club, any player, any performance and certainly any hope of a result…my well being and that of the next generation fan I escort to the games, is the most important aspect of my life.

I detached myself from fervour many years ago when West Ham came up with the fabulous Bond Scheme and in truth, part of my love for the club set sail around the world to seek other pleasures. My passion is eternal, but I could not see myself giving my all for a club that wanted to take too much from me. I probably stood alone away from the screaming and hating fans…but in my own way I was the quiet man who stood tall, but walked away in defiance of oppression and in support of a cause.

Of course I would return for occasional games and would tune in for every result and scrap of information about the team…but as far as a regular visitor to Upton Park…that would come to an end.

They said that time is the great healer…and so it came to pass also. Over the years I started to engage once more with the team and the club, my boyhood passions emerging once more in my middle aged years. I had become teacher to my son and West Ham guide to his naive hopes of Hammers glory. When the Icelandics fell and then Zig and Zag took over, I had an overwhelming urge to pay much closer attention  to what was happening within this West Ham of mine.

What has transpired over the years has embittered me but not to the point I would simply throw in the towel and let past transgressions go unanswered! I want to attend as many games as I can with ‘little me’ in tow to support the team, that so desperately are in need of my help. I can’t promise anything I do or say will be of benefit to them, but it might…and that’s all that matters in the end.

There has been much said about wishing the board members to get out of the club. There has been also much said that would embarrass good souls and be too harsh for sensitive ears, however these passions runs deep and whilst one cannot condone such actions…one has to understand the cause and effect issues in play.

For years, I wished I had been able to stand straight and voice my concerns but I thought I was the lone voice and it would be a futile gesture to protest without vehicle and goal in sight. However, any protest would have to make full changes and instant remedies, otherwise there lacks purpose in the debate.

My position on Sullivan, Gold and Brady has been the same from the moment they first arrived. I do not trust them as individuals and I do not trust them to deliver on any promises and speculations made, regardless if their ambitions are sincere! However, whilst I too want them to leave our club as quickly as possible, I also want what is best for the club and the team!

I want them to correct all of their mistakes. I wish them to remedy the ailments that have infected this club. I want them to be accountable, clear, honest and communicate to us properly, with respect and with decency. I want proper ambition as was promised and above all I want the financial fog lifted from transfer dealings.

It has been my testimony that if they are unable to deliver these rectifications, then they must plan their exit strategy, place the club up for sale and find a suitable owner who can invest in the club and take it forward. Everyone needs to start again, we must band together to make our club whole again and we should hold out open hands…no more deceptions and mistruths. For the good of the club, the team and the support…things need to change and they must change now!

My concern has always been for the club, first and foremost! I hold all owners in low regard or indifference, however they must be honest, diligent and professional…which ours have not been. That being said, I would not want them to rush out of the door, grabbing what they could before selling to some unscrupulous dweeb that would kill our dreams for good.

No matter how loudly I may shout for the board to leave this club, they ultimately will decide whether or not they would want to leave this cash cow behind…it seems unlikely that will ever happen, so my focus is on accountability, rectifications, investment, club structures & systems. This is where fans can find common purpose as well as being harmonious in support for the team…win, lose or draw…certainly until the end of this season.

Whilst football is my passion and West Ham be the life long investment in time and purpose…it is also my entertainment, my folly and my social good times. It should be about the slap and tickle and the squits and giggles. It should be about our support, our passions and our love for the club. We are the lifers whose light will eventually fade, but we can leave a legacy for future generations of fans and leave a club in better hands.

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