Moore Than Just A Club Writers On: Where West Ham United Will Finish And Why – “Too Good To Go Down?”

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“Too Good To Go Down?” Published 24/03/18 on Moore Than Just A Club

Can anyone remember those immortal words, “West Ham are too good to go down” …do you? Can anyone remember when the Hammers were relegated with 42 points on the board and finished 18th in the league, just above West Brom and Sunderland? Well, I remember the 2002-03 season very well with Roeder at the helm and even which Sir Trev could not save…and I’m still having nightmares about the 2010-11 relegation season with Grant in charge and 33 points on the board.

This season has been an overall disappointment from start to finish, however just as in the previous relegation season, the writing was on the wall when narrowly escaping relegation the season prior. We currently stand somewhere in-between 2003 and 2011 in terms of our relegation potential and a season tally of 38 points seems just about feasible for our claret and blue Smurfs.

Many would still say we are too good to go down, however nothing in West Ham football is ever that certain, however our one saving grace this season as opposed to previous calamities, is that there just might be three worse teams in the league than us.

I have scoured my memory banks and I cannot remember a season when the bottom half of the league are all viable relegation candidates. It has been so tight with each team largely inconsistent and taking points off each other with random ease. If West Ham are to survive it will be more due to other team’s failings rather than their strengths. Not exactly an awe inspiring season, however at this stage, there is no room for fussy beggars. Simply avoiding relegation is the main objective, 38 points whilst another three teams have less, 17th or higher in the league…that is all that matters now. See out the season, regroup in the summer and let’s try to forget the last two woeful campaigns.

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