A bag full of turnips with your stew Sir?

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A bag full of turnips with your stew Sir? Published 28/03/18 on Moore Than Just A Club

The West Ham faithful are but another six weeks before the fate of the club is known and the season ends, only for the summer madness to commence. Of course most football fans of the world will be focussing their attentions onto the World Cup in Russia, however the rumour circus will get into full swing as clubs will seek to offload the dunces and reinforce the ranks with new spartan warriors.

“It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing all the hype that’s written about you… Who knows? In a couple of years, you might find me in the loony bin!” – Leonardo DiCaprio

In many ways it already started when David Moyes was appointed last November as it was made clear to all and sundry that this was a six month deal to be reviewed in the summer. Will he stay or will he go? Was this short term deal the right move for the club when what was really needed was stability and a manager whom the board would gladly invest in? Already other manager’s names are being linked with the post, presumably if West Ham survive the drop to the Championship, however are they realistic targets and does this further undermine the job that Moyes still needs to do?

Many with unscrupulous mind and sceptical persuasions would way up the club’s current predicament and dismiss any tempting offerings as plainly absurd. If the Moyes question had been asked a couple of months ago…most fans would have leaned towards letting him stay on in the summer and given a two year contract to see what he could achieve. However time waits for no man and the winds of change have blown in as the performances have dropped and results have slipped away.

This isn’t necessarily a Moyes conundrum at the moment or even a debate about his defensive tendencies, but rather this is about merely being the West Ham manager in the turbulent whirlwind  that has embedded itself into the club since moving to the London Stadium. Which other manager would be able to do a better job given everything that has gone on in the background, the underinvestment into the squad and the underperforming, underachieving performances of too many players at the same time?

Not only managers are now being linked with West Ham as many of the European elite players have had spurious links to the claret and blue army made in the last couple of weeks. Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema…Nice’s Mario Balotelli…next week it’ll be Neymar or Messi but more likely to be ‘Jack Jones’ on a free transfer from another poor team. It’s all nonsense really and whether this is media hype or leaked stories from the club to help generate season ticket renewals…it makes little difference to the fight ahead for the team right now.

Mark Noble sent a message to the fans this week urging every single one to get behind the team at least until the end of the season as the five home games will be crucial in getting the valuable points the club needs to stay in the Premier League. Season ticket renewals will have to wait for many of the fans right now, some have already vowed never to return…such has been to botrytis within the club.

One has to question the sources for these stories and motives for releasing them into the public domain? For the players, especially those with international pedigree and which are involved in the World Cup, will be waiting until the summer for the shop window to open and they can put their undoubted yet possibly overrated talents on display for all the world’s clubs to see. Nothing that is whispered now means anything to anyone, unless there are those who are gullible enough to be taken in by it all.

The most dynamic impetus to get existing season ticket holders to renew for next year is for the team to perform well and to ensure the club stay in the Premier League. Anything else is sheer fanciful nonsense until the results determine which league the club will play in from August…and this will determine the calibre of any prospective manager and player that may or may not be interested in offering their services to the club.

Would Pellegrini leave his highly paid managerial post for Hebei China Fortune, in the Chinese Super League for West Ham who have had two uninspiring seasons at the London Stadium? Would he…or a Marco Silva wish to work for the current board and under the dark cloud that has settled overhead the club? Would they wish to wait until a Director of Football is employed and see how the lands lies then?

For the West Ham fans know all too well that nothing is certain in football and certainly never so assured with any Hammers’ season. The Director of Football position needs to be filled as soon as possible, in many ways the club have already failed in not appointing someone already. The main focus on the pitch is to ensure the club stays in the Premier League, so Mark Noble’s plea certainly does not fall on any deaf ears and everyone is in agreement there.

Once the season has ended, then the club will be in the best position to consider managerial options, player recruitment and fantasy football aspirations again. Until then, all talk of potential links with players and managers is just fodder for the rumour cannons…the only hope in this hessian bag of woes would be that any targets don’t end up being more turnips in the bubbling stew that is West Ham. “Please Sir, I want some more” No thank You!

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